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Firefox plugin pentadactyl provides the function of setting a external editor.

default: gvim -f +<line> +"sil! call cursor(0, <column>)" <file>

I installed MacVim on my MacBook,

when I set editor like this, get an error:

set editor='macvim -f +<line> +"sil! call cursor(0, <column>)" <file>'

Command not found: macvim
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macvim is not an executable in your $PATH but you can use the mvim script bundled with MacVim.

  1. Place the mvim script in your $PATH

  2. Use this setting:

    set editor='mvim -f +<line> +"sil! call cursor(0, <column>)" <file>'

You can also use the open command native to Mac OS X like that:

set editor='open -a macvim -f +<line> +"sil! call cursor(0, <column>)" <file>'
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I had the same problem, and romainl's solution did not work for me.

The kind John-Galt from #pentadactyl at irc.oftc.net helped me.

My mvim executeable was located in ~/.bin/mvim. So I ran

:set editor='~/.bin/mvim -f +<line> +"sil! call cursor(0, <column>)" <file>'

Note that I typed the whole path to the mvim binary. I don't understand why this works, but it did.

This can of course be appended to your .pentadactylrc (without the ':').

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I tried this, but it still throws the error "Command not found: gvim". Any way to edit the part where it assigns gvim as the editor, or other hints on what I'm doing wrong? –  Silas Barta Sep 2 '12 at 22:36

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