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I am using dwm on an opensuse box where I don't have root permissions. I launch dwm using "custom session" from KDM, which executes my .xsession.

$ cat .xsession
exec ~/bin/startdwm

cat ~/bin/startdwm

xscreensaver -nosplash &
ivman &
while true
xsetroot -name "$(date +"%H:%M:%S|%d-%m")"
sleep 1 
done &
exec /home/nahum/bin/dwm > .dwm.log

The problem I have is the following: I exit this session with WIN+SHIFT+Q, I have always a process left over ivman and sleep. How do I kill them?

Thanks, Oz

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After doing the exec there's not much you can do. Without that, you could save the background PIDs twice and kill them later when dwm terminates.

ivman &
/home/nahum/bin/dwm > .dwm.log
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