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Snow Leopard came with fetchmail, but in Mountain Lion seems to be missing. Homebrew doesn't have a formula for it either.

What's the best way to get back fetchmail?

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Homebrew does have it, but it's in the separate homebrew-dupes repository. So to install:

brew tap homebrew/dupes
brew install fetchmail
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Thanks, but there seem to be some issues with this recipe. It tries to download, which really is a stupid JavaScript redirect. – Steffen Uhlig Aug 2 '12 at 19:08
Looks like the receipe in dupes was finally fixed. Thanks for the hint! I had to patch it with "--with-ssl", so this and the answer by @steve-ulrich are both kind of correct. – Steffen Uhlig Aug 24 '12 at 18:09

the following gist is a formula which will address this issue. if you go to the aforementioned link (to download the fetchmail source code) and place it into /Library/Caches/Homebrew and then run the gist. you'll get the homebrew version of fetchmail.

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