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Is hijack the right term, in any case, on my computer/cell phones , when online using Google; when doing searches or clicking on links randomly get taken to dlink search results page. seems to be no pattern, happens when website doesn't exist, but also for web pages I know are there.

Have Dlink server. Tried the "RESET" as suggested; seem to stop redirecting for a bit. But now seems to have come back, if it was ever gone.

In forums I have read widely different possibilities. That this is a new feature that Dlink has incorporated in latest upgrade and need to opt out vs. this is malicious. Speculation is inevitable, but hopefully someone has one answer/solution.

No clue about tech terms, DNS all that stuff. Might someone be able to give me the nitty gritty.

Further details: Windows 7, typically use Goole to search, Dlink wirelss router hooked up to internet router, cell phones use wireless router

Can look up router name/type, etc. Meantime - help

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Try this:

Scroll down to the Windows 7 instructions. If your DNS settings are the problem this SHOULD fix it.

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So I have done nothing as of yet, the redirect seems to be no longer happening, but other odds stuff happening e.g. battery icon gone, in systray battery option grayed out; dvd autolaunch no longer happens, can not play/launch dvd movies from dvd player, baffled – Z B Aug 4 '12 at 23:33
you might have a virus. try running Malwarebytes or Avast scans. – elegantonyx Aug 6 '12 at 5:41

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