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I lost the thumbnail view panel for Print Layout in Word 2007.
However, in the “Show/Hide” tab, it’s not grey, but the check box for thumbnails just can’t “hold” my selection. The only thing can be shown is the “document map” view panel. When I click on thumbnails view, the whole side panel disappears.

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It may be that you have hit a bug in Word 2007 (so also a chance that this will fix itself). Meanwhile you may be able to show thumbnails by calling the following code:

Sub OpenThumbnails()
ActiveWindow.Thumbnails = True
End Sub  

with Developer, Macros and selecting OpenThumbnails, Run.

I am not clear whether this has affected a single document or all your documents. If the latter the code should be inserted in Normal.dotm but to begin with I suggest trying it out within just one document known to have the problem.

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