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Running the latest version of VirtualBox on OSX and hosting a Windows virtual machine. Is there a way to put shortcuts on your Mac desktop for the Windows apps that you run in seamless mode?

I can't find a way to do this, so every time I want to newly launch a Windows app in seamless mode I have to access the full Windows desktop, start the app and hit HostKey+L. Really a pain for apps that you want to run in seamless mode all time.

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A similar problem has been solved for Ubuntu host, and several commands seem to be similar also in OSX hosts. Take a look at this link:… – Vito Gentile Jan 19 at 17:20

See the manual here regarding using VBoxManage and the guestcontrol option. (Specifically 'execute')


execute, which allows for executing a program/script (process) which already is installed and runnable on the guest. This command only works while a VM is up and running and has the following syntax:

VBoxManage guestcontrol <vmname>|<uuid> exec[ute]
            --image <path to program> --username <name>
            [--passwordfile <file> | --password <password>]
            [--environment "<NAME>=<VALUE> [<NAME>=<VALUE>]"]
            [--verbose] [--timeout <msec>]
            [--wait-exit] [--wait-stdout] [--wait-stderr]
            [--dos2unix] [--unix2dos]
            -- [[<argument1>] ... [<argumentN>]]
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-1 This is not a complete answer – endolith Feb 7 '13 at 19:24

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