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I recently found a computer with the specs:

  • AMD Sempron64 3200+ 1.8GHz
  • DDR2 1GB @ 533MHz
  • ASUS M2N MX motherboard
  • Onboard GeForce 6100

I burned an image of Windows 8 RP 64 bit and booted it. I got the message Error code: 0x0000225

I tried looking up the code but all the results have to do with enabling IO APIC on Virtualbox, but I'm running this on a real physical computer. What can I do to install Windows 8 RP?

UPDATE: I tried installing a copy of Windows Server 2008 (Dreamspark) and I got the same error code

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Turns out I had to enable this ambiguous option "ACPI APIC" in the bios, which is probably the equivalent of Virtualbox's "Enable IO APIC"

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