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I have installed several proxy programs whose IP addresses are, for example,,, You may regrard them as Tor and its alternatives.

You know, certain proxy programs are faster than others at times, while at other times, they would be slower.

As far as I have used, The Firefox add-in, AutoProxy and FoxyProxy Standard, can define a list of rules such as any urls matching the pattern * should be proxied to But the rule is "static". I want * to be proxied to the fastest proxy, no matter which one.

To sum up, I'm seeking a program/Firefox addin/mechanism that proxies any defined urls to the fastest proxy address amony a defined list.

So..Any suggestions?

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There's no(simple) way to know which of the proxy networks offers the most bandwidth and least latency. You may have to write some complex plugin that first tests those proxies and selects the fastest one among them. – kedar Sep 23 '12 at 16:27
@kedar What's a pity! This is really a useful function! – LoveRight Oct 7 '12 at 9:55
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I think I have found the right key words - load balancer.

nginx, HAProxy, and The Linux Virtual Server Project are all good candidates.

I will try nginx several days later.


HAProxy works for me. Using it, I build a proxy chain:

firefox ---> haproxy -(select one)-> 1. ssh
                                     2. tor


         log   local0  
        #log  local1 notice  
          #log loghost    local0 info  
          maxconn 1500  
         chroot D:\haproxy
        uid haproxy  
         gid haproxy 

        nbproc 2  
         pidfile D:\haproxy\  

        log       local3  
         mode    http  
         option  httplog  
        option  httpclose  
        option  dontlognull  
         option  forwardfor  
          option  redispatch  
         retries 2  
       maxconn 2000  
        balance roundrobin  
        stats enable
        stats uri /ha?stats
       contimeout      5000  
         clitimeout      50000  
         srvtimeout      50000  

listen fq
    mode tcp 
    balance leastconn
    server ssh weight 3 #check inter 10000
    server tor weight 3 #check inter 10000

listen admin_stat  
    bind *:8011  
    mode http  
    option httplog  
    log global  
    stats refresh 30s  
    stats uri /admin?stats  
    stats realm Haproxy\ Statistics   
    stats auth admin:admin  
    stats hide-version  

Remember to change chroot and pidfile to your appropriate paths.

Firefox set proxy with socks5 mode.

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