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VirtualBox has now twice caused a BSOD on my host operating system Windows 7. The first time I was running VirtualPC so thought the two Virtual Systems together might have caused the issue, but this time it was just VirtualBox.

I didn't get the error code.

Has anyone had similar problems?

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This sounds like a bug with Virtual Box have you reported it to Oracle? – Ramhound Aug 3 '12 at 17:08
Can you find the BSOD dump files and check for anything related to this event? – Darius Aug 3 '12 at 17:14
There is not enough details to give you an accurate answer: what is the Bug Check Code (i.e.: Stop 0X blah blah blah)? – climenole Aug 4 '12 at 17:38

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What is the configuration of your Win-7 machine? VirtualBox is a huge resource drainer. Even with 4GB RAM and a 3.2 ghz dual-core, it lags when I try to run anything on the host and guest at the same time. Also, check your onboard graphics-memory, and read this manual carefully for anything that might apply to your architecture:

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This happens many times, especially when running more than one virtual machine at a time. I.e. two Linux virtual machines, etc.

I looked at the dumps and it's definitely Virtual Box (at least as recent as 4.3.4). I've see it with single as well as multiple Windows 7 VMS also.

Doesn't occur frequently, and I prefer Vbox over VMWare, so I continue to use. I usually just restart and everything is fine.


In particular, VirtualBox SATA drivers are causing BSOD, so default to IDE.

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