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I bought an adapter that adapts HDMI to DVI. I connected my PS3's HDMI output to it and connected the DVI side to my acer monitor.

This fails to work, even after I reset the video controls on my PS3. I even switched the HDMI sides.

I wonder if I need a technician to help or if I need to get another graphics card.

This is a link to a similar adaptor: link with picture. It is not exactly the same but its the same adapter from the inside just not the exact one I have.

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Two questions: 1) Where does the Acer Aspire fit into this? 2) Does the monitor understand DVI-D (purely digital DVI, which is the likely output of the convertor) or does it expect an analog signal via DVI-I? – Hennes Aug 3 '12 at 23:50
the screen series is part of aspire i belive and um on the nametag right over the input it says DVI-D in – anup sohal Aug 3 '12 at 23:52
Ah. My mistake. I have a friend with an 'Acer Aspire' laptop and I wrongly assumed you tried to use that in addition to the Xbox and the monitor. - I looked at the specs and it indeed understands DVI-D (digital only). Which should match with the signal coming from your HDMI source (which is basically DVI-D + copy protection scheme + audio) – Hennes Aug 4 '12 at 0:03
so what your saying is that everything is fine its just the adapter i guess, HA i dont really care because these are really cheap i think the screws are a reason why i cant do it perfectly because the new one seems like a well fit – anup sohal Aug 4 '12 at 0:05

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