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There is a wireless network secured with WPA 2.We have a mac and a old XP.

Unfortunately, the XP is not updated to connect to WPA 2 networks, but we cannot change the security settings on the router. But the mac can connect to the network.

Is there a way to get the PC to connect to the Mac which connects to the internet and therefore get them all on the internet?

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All you need is an Ethernet cable. Then, connect your Mac to the Wi-Fi access point, and open up System Preferences » Sharing. Here, select Internet Sharing and choose the following settings:

  • Share your connection from Wi-Fi
  • To Computers using Ethernet

Then, enable Internet Sharing.

Now, connect the Ethernet cable from your Mac's Ethernet port to the PC's. On the PC, make sure you've enabled automatic IP configuration by going to Control Panel and Network Connections. On the Local Area Connection, right-click and select Properties.

Under the General tab, under TCP/IP, select Properties again. Here, select Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically.

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