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I was browsing an online shop and found the Asus BW-12B1ST burner. Both in the shopping site's page and Asus's website they claim that "with its technology, the Asus burner can burn 3D Blu Rays, convert Blu Rays from 2D to 3D, upscale DVDs...".

Very simple question: is it just to attract buyers, or can't really other dual layer burners burn a 3D Blu Ray?

I mean, suppose I have an ISO of a ~50GB 3D disc. I knew I could burn it with any plain old dual layer BD-burner. I also suppose that 2D->3D conversion and DVD upscaling is done via bundled software, and doesn't require any special hardware rather than a good CPU.

Am I correct?

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If someone mentions "2D to 3D conversion" and "DVD Upscaling" as features of their product, I would be extremely cautious. –  Oliver Salzburg Aug 4 '12 at 10:22

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