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I have vim without any special configuration and use it to edit my latex files. The following strange thing happens.

I have the following text types:

1234 people live in Hobit Land, Further Text, Further Text, Further Text

If I now type further until the line break occurs and type further, the following line is idented:

1234 people live in Hobit Land, Further Text, Further Text, Further Text
     and contiunes the line and further on....

Why is this the case? Its anoying because very time a line starts with a number (maybe even within text, only due to a linebreak before), the next text gets indented without sense.

How can I turn this of?

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What configuration do you use? When I start vim with ´-u NONE` and set the textwidth to some value I do not observe the behaviour you're describing. – Marco Aug 4 '12 at 16:08
Yeah, you were right, I got a strange formatoption, just as the answer below correctly states. – theomega Aug 4 '12 at 17:46
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Your current formatting settings are configured to recognize numbered lists, which are basically just lines starting with a number.

Remove n from 'formatoptions'. It's not a default setting, so you probably just need to modify :set formatoptions=... in your .vimrc file to remove n.

See :help 'formatoptions' and :help fo-table for details.

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