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Soooo.. I clean-installed windows 7 ultimate on my Toshiba Satellite A130-ST1311 (old, I know). And it came with a recovery disk to reinstall windows vista. It has all the drivers I need, but I don't want to install windows vista. (win vista came shipped with laptop).

Is there a way to extract the necessary drivers from that disk? Because some of the drivers are not anywhere on the Toshiba site (USB drivers to be specific). Plus the windows-provided drivers are no good.

Been searching around google for 3 days now, with no leads. Any form of help would be nice :)

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You will need 2 tools to this. 7ZIP and Bulk Rename Utility (or other software that does the same)

Start 7zip and navigate to your vista dvd and browse to sources folder and double click install.wim

enter image description here

Open you will see 13 folders ,open folder 1 ,DO NOT extract all of the folders in install.wim you will only fill up your hard drive.

enter image description here

Head to Folder called Windows

enter image description here

Then in the System32 browse for folders called Drivers and Drivestore

enter image description here

Extract only those folders. You will to need to rename all the files in folder en-US, renaming all these files one by one will take a long time so we need a application to bulk rename these.

Using Bulk Rename Utility browse to ...\driverstore\en-US

Do notice that every file ends in .inf_loc you need to rename these to .inf

enter image description here

press ctrl and A to selcet all , then in the extension box select fixed and enter .inf ,hit the rename button and your done!

Now you can head to your device manager and update all the necessary drivers by simply choosing I have a disk option and browsing to the extracted Drivers.


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This worked :D. Thanks for your help! – Wolfizen Aug 10 '12 at 15:43
The content of this answer appears to have been copied from… -- some credit would be appropriate. – Mr.Wizard Apr 19 '14 at 4:05

Toshiba site has "process" to update a vista machine to a win 7.

Toshiba update process

This states that it requires your serial #, in particular the second character and build date to guide you and the laptop to the proper method of update/upgrade and secure proper drivers.

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Sorry. My laptop was made in 2006. Satellite A130-ST1311 – Wolfizen Aug 10 '12 at 15:32

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