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I want to create a to-do list in Excel that automatically sorts the to-do entries in a list, in order of ones to do first (closest deadlines). I would also like a section that shows the tasks for today and another for high-priority tasks coming up within a week.

I have not programmed in Excel before. I know Python and JavaScript, but want an Excel solution that runs inside Excel (maybe using VBA, the Excel programming language).

Is this sort of thing possible in Excel?

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Your question asks if it is possible. Yes. Defining where you prioritize tasks is necessary. It sounds as if you define them by more than just date. – datatoo Aug 5 '12 at 18:48

Assuming Excel 2007 or later:

  1. Define what is "Priority" (Column B in example).
  2. Flag those that are due within 1 week =IF(AND(B2="Priority",C2<NOW()+7),1,"") in D2 in example, and copy down.
  3. Create a pivot table from ColumnsA:D (Report Filter = Priority, Row Labels = Date and Task), filter on Multiple Items: Priority and (blank).
  4. Take copy of pivot table, change Report Filter to "Priority Imminent" and filter on "1".
  5. Refresh as and when desired.

SU457719 example

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