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I would like to add some special characters to my keyboard, without replacing already existing key assignments.

I thought of adding such letters as: ¯, ², ±, , ¢, ¥ and ·.

So I could get ¯ mark by pressing for example CTRL + ALT + _

What program should I get for this? Something that doesnt mess up my keyboard; just gives me the ability to add new key combinations.

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With Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator you can create CTRL+ALT+ combinations, here is how:

  • Go to: File -> Load Existing Keyboard...
  • Select "Shift states" (left) and click the wanted button on the keyboard, and then paste the mark you want to be createn when that key combination is pressed.
  • Go to: Project -> Test Keyboard Layout... and test if everything is ok.
  • Go to: Project -> Build DLL and Setup Package. wait until it asks to open the folder and then run the Setup.exe it created for you.
  • Open Control Panel -> Regional and Language options (icon) -> Languages (tab) -> Details (button)
  • Select the keyboard layout you installed from the "Default input language" (list)
  • Press Apply and look for that little keyboard icon at your taskbar right side (possibly), click it and select your custom keyboard layout. Now it should work.

Note: I'm not sure about the last (three) steps, but I was able to make it work only after clicking that keyboard icon and selecting the layout from there.

May be the most simple solution is KeyTweak. There's also Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator but it's an old program and not easy to use as much as the one I suggest you.

KeyTweak download

Both are presented there: Remapping the Keyboard Layout in Windows XP, Vista, and 7

How to Remapping the Keyboard Layout in Windows XP, Vista, and 7

enter image description here

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I downloaded that, but i couldnt see a way to make combos such as CTRL+ALT+_ -> ¯ – Rookie Aug 5 '12 at 10:12
In this case you have the other option MSLKC: – climenole Aug 5 '12 at 10:14
That did the job! You might want to rearrange your answer to display the MSLKC first, since that was the correct tool. – Rookie Aug 5 '12 at 10:19
Great! Thank you for the feedback :) – climenole Aug 5 '12 at 11:17
I added more comprehensive guide for the MSKLC, if you can accept my edits that would be great. took me some time to figure out how to use the keyboard layout i created! Edit: accepted + upvoted. – Rookie Aug 5 '12 at 14:11

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