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I'm trying to group Favourites that I found on the same day together so I want to be able to tell when I added each of my Favourites? I want to be able to view when all my Favourites were added at one time; I don't want to click each one separately to find out. Any app or simple way to do this?

Win 7 Pro. IE 9.

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Open your Favorites folder in Explorer, and look at their dates:

enter image description here

Make sure the Date Created column is enabled:

enter image description here

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WinMerge, will tell you the date saved.(they have a free version).
Click top folder and browse to your Favorites folder, select as shown below.
Do the same with the second folder.
Set filter to none, as shown.

Folder settings

Click OK.
They all match each other and this will list the Favorites and date stored.
They are listed in order by date not name of favorite.

end display

Home page of Winmerge
Download page of Winmerge
This will give you the dates saved.
The 'Help file' may explain if you to move files around.
See: 'Overview of comparing and merging'.
re- merging files.
You may have to use a blank folder as second selection folder to set a difference, it can also be in the Favorites folder and called 'Test', etc
This will enable the merge icons on the menubar,

menubar with folder selection

I have used it to compare and merge but am not able to explain if it will auto-sort for you.
Sorry not of much more help.
Hope this helps

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Appreciate your answer but the other is simpler. – verve Aug 7 '12 at 6:26
@ verve, thanks and I agree – mic84 Aug 9 '12 at 13:24

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