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I have several identical USB to serial port adapters on my Fedora FC12 server. Each time I boot, the devices seem to change devices names (/dev/ttyUSBn). Now I will assume that the bus and device names do that change. That thye are tied to the USB hubs inside the motherboard. So is it possible to determine the /dev name given a Bus and Device ID? I am hoping for a command line interface, but I am not scared to write some C code, but would need to help with what system functions I might need to call.

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I have not encounterred the naming issue you mention when using Ubuntu 10.4 (a 2.6.3? kernel). As long as the same USB-serial adapters are connected to the same USB ports, I see the same device names. Review the system log, with 'dmesg' command, for the device recognition and name assignment. – sawdust Aug 6 '12 at 3:03

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