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I am working between 2 sheets. Sheet 1 at E10 will have a 4 diget Post Code entered. Sheet 2 has in column A Post Codes (all 4 numeric diget) between A19:A2949. Next to these post codes is a Zone Code (all alpha) and therefore covering B19:B2949. A filter using "Equals" the post code (at E10 Sheet 1) filters down to the Zone Code required. The Zone Code is then entered into H6 on Sheet 2 to establish specific freight rates.

Is it possible to have the entire process automated so that I only need to enter the post code into E10 on Sheet 1? Thank you for any help in this area.

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Yes. It is.

Use following formula in H6 on Sheet 2:


Zone code will be populated into E6 on sheet 2 when you enter post code in E10 on sheet 1.

P.S. I am assuming the name of Sheet 1 as Sheet1. If it is something different, just modify the name in formula.

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Thank you so much - works so well and is so much easier than the way I was trying to do it! – richard Aug 7 '12 at 0:13

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