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How to go about closing a stalled screen tab (the machine is no longer reachable) ?

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try to kill command.

  1. select stalled window ( C-a :select <stalled window number> )
  2. send kill command ( C-a :kill )
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at least for my screen version, I get a message that :kill is ambiguous. :kill-window works, though. – Steve Kroon May 30 at 17:41
C-a, k also works – user35581 Jun 16 at 17:24

Assuming you are using the OpenSSH client to connect, you can type Enter ~ . to close the connection.

To list the other SSH client escape commands, type Enter ~ ? when connected.

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Why the down vote? This addresses the "machine is no longer reachable" aspect of the question directly. Sure you can do other things to close a remote connection (eg: shut down your computer), but that doesn't directly address the stalled remote connection. – Tyson Nov 2 '15 at 20:40

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