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I want to share the Internet from my Windows 7 using Bluetooth so my other devices can connect to Internet through my computer. Do you know if this is possible?

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try to use LAN for Internet Connection Sharing. – Deb Aug 6 '12 at 15:11

If you are talking about connecting things like cell phones to a Windows 7 system (e.g. older Windows Mobile phones), most of these can only use the Bluetooth "Dial Up Networking" (DUN) profile. IIRC this is basically PPP over a Bluetooth virtual serial port. This is not "PAN" or "Personal Area Networking."

I had luck sharing Internet access between a desktop and laptop using the WIDCOMM software. This was through PAN and not DUN, though. From what I remember it had options to create a network adapter that accepted incoming Bluetooth DUN connections. I don't believe it is possible through the built-in Microsoft Bluetooth support.

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This article should help, but you might have to guess a little on the devices that are connecting to it because it's written for Windows Mobile (though the Windows portion of it should be pretty similar in Windows 7)

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