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It seems to appear after I've worked on a file for a little while in a session. I can't find it on Google, probably since I'm using the term "bug", but "insect" doesn't work either. :(

It shows up to the left of the filename in the tabs below the editor, always only on that one file I'm focusing on (by chance, I only do a lot of work on one file in each session).

There's no mouse-hover caption, or apparent documentation on it! The insect seems to appear after 10-20 minutes or so.enter image description here

Edit: I promise I'll upload a screenshot as soon as it comes back. :) Edit: Uploaded- the yellow hovering box is when I hover over the bug, which indicates there's no special description.

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I would look into asking here in the pyscripter group.!forum/PyScripter – klobucar Aug 5 '12 at 22:51
Without some kind of screenshot there is no way we can even begin to guess what this icon is. Please edit your question to include a screenshot. – Mokubai Aug 6 '12 at 15:51
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For me, I'm using PyScripter, the bug icon appears when my code has a syntax or formatting error. For example, if PyScripter underlines some code in a window with a red wavy line, then the tab for that module will also have the bug icon.

Another example. Create a new module, and type in the code:

x = for

Then press enter. You will see the red wavy line and the bug icon appear by the modules tab.

If you then change your code to:

x = 2

Then press enter. The red wavy line and bug icon both dissappear.

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