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I'm creating a test for an rsync like application which verifies that the behavior of the application is consistent with that of rysnc. I am primarily concerned with how different permutations of input parameters change the behavior of rsync. So far I have identified the following parameter permutations:

presence or absence of a trailing '/' after source

presence or absence of a trailing '/' after destination

presence or absence of the target destination directory (including a third option where the destination listed is a file)

absence of the destination's parent directory

inclusion or exclusion of recursion

Can anyone offer suggestions as to other parameter permutations that may change the behavior of rsync?

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Are you looking for this? – Robert Harvey Aug 6 '12 at 17:25
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Here's one:

Whether the destination permissions are accessible. For example, destination is a directory that is readable, but not writable, or not executable.

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