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I'd like iTunes to automatically start playing a certain Internet radio station each time I log in. Is there a way to get iTunes to play a specific song (or playlist) upon login, the same way you can get an application to start up on login?

(This is almost exactly the same question as 138070 except that I want to play a user-defined playlist instead of the iTunes DJ playlist).

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It is quite simple

  1. Open iTunes create new Playlist (lets say myRadio)
  2. Add wanted radio station or songs
  3. Open Applications/
  4. Create Custom workflow
  5. From Library choose Music
  6. Drag "Find iTunes Items"
  7. In "Find:" field choose Playlist
  8. In "Whose:" field choose Name is equal to
  9. Type in your playlist name e.g. myRadio
  10. Drag "Start iTunes Playing"
  11. Click Run to check if everything works fine
  12. If it does from File menu choose Save As
  13. In File Format: Field choose "Application"
  14. Name it for example startRadio
  15. Click apple icon on your menu bar and then System Preferencess...
  16. Accounts -> Login Items Tab -> +
  17. Add
  18. Check "Hide" checkbox
  19. Restart your Mac
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Unfortunately, this no longer works with iTunes 10, because the "Start iTunes playing" action is gone! See – Lorin Hochstein Sep 8 '10 at 13:26
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Mike's answer worked for iTunes 9, but unfortunately it doesn't work for iTunes 10 (see the link in the comment). Here's how to do it with Applescript:

Open up "Applescript Editor", and write the following script:

tell application "iTunes"
    play user playlist "Radio Paradise"
end tell

Save it as an application, and then add the app as one of the login items in the Accounts menu bar under System Preferences.

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