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I have 4 columns, A B C D.

  • Column A has a designed value.
  • Column B has a reviewed value.
  • Column C is empty.
  • Column D has a formula which returns false if value in column A does not match value in column B. Also, Column D is always hidden.

I need help in highlighting the row or giving some color to column C if D has false in it.

share|improve this question has this question. Highlight column c and replace A with D in your case. Note this only works in Excel 2010.

So if I understand you correctly, you want to highlight A1:J1 if A1 is "HIGH PRIORITY". And you want to highlight A3:J3 if A3 is "HIGH PRIORITY", etc.?

If so, select your full range, e.g. A1:J100, then set the conditional formatting rule to:


The row number will properly adjust for the condition of each row, but the column will stay the same (A).

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Select Column C, then click on Conditional Formatting -> New Rule and choose to "Use a formula": =$D1=FALSE. Pick how you want to format the cells like with fill color. This will highlight all the cells in Column C on the rows where Column D is FALSE. If you want to highlight the entire row, then highlight all the relevant columns (like A:C), then use the same formula.

If you want it to highlight cells if FALSE is in Column C or D, then use the formula: =AND($C1,$D1)=FALSE (this works if Column C is empty, or if Column C has true/false values in it).

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