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When I start SQL Server Managaemnt Studio (SSMS), I'm having a problem in connecting to the database.

What will be the 'server name' if my computer's name is Rakesh?

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Under servername, type either

.\ is the same as localhost and from your fairly cryptic question I assume it is being accessed locally?

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The server name instance can be specified during SQL Server installation. If you haven't specified any, it's (local). If you don't know what your Server name is:

  1. When you start SSMS, in the Connect to Server dialog, click to expand Server name list
  2. The last item in the drop-down list is Browse for more. Click it

  3. You'll get a new dialog - Browse for Servers. In the Local Servers tab, expand database Engines

All SQL Server instances installed on your local machine are listed here. Select the one you want and make sure you provide valid credentials.

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