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I've inherited some software that runs on the Access 2002 Runtime. I am taking over development and support.

The installer halts with the following error message (installing on Windows XP):

Visual Basic 6.0 Setup Toolkit

The Office System Pack cannot be installed on this system because the languages are not the same. Install the Office System Pack for the appropriate language on your computer.

My system language is en-GB and the installer seems to require en-US be set as the system locale which requires a system reboot. Most users are in the UK so this will be a problem.

Can this be resolved on an existing setup package or must it be resolved by creating a new package? The former is very preferable. Thanks.

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Other solutions I found include installing the run-time first and then copying the application files over, by-passing the installer. This, along with changing the system locale and rebooting (then changing it back), is not really acceptable because the software is being used by non-technical users who would most likely not want to go to that much effort. – authentictech Aug 7 '12 at 17:10
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In my case, I was able to resolve the problem by editing the ospfilelist.txt in the existing installer package, as per these instructions, without needing to create a new package.

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