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I'm trying to download a client's data onto a Windows EC2 instance to run some specialised software that's Windows-only. (I haven't used Windows in probably 8 years so I don't remember all of its quirks.)

Client shared the files with a dropbox link. Looking at the link in my Ubuntu version of Firefox there's a link that says "Download as .zip". But in the Windows version the only buttons are Share and Add to my Dropbox. No .zip link!

I can post screenshots if necessary.

edit: Some googling and checking http://isup.me shows that status.dropbox.com and forum.dropbox.com are down ... and a cached google result says that the forum is going away? Did I just pick a bad day to attempt to share files on dropbox?

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Since the forums.dropbox.com are back up now, I've migrated the question there.

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