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In our domain, the domain administrator creates a new shared mailbox on exchange 2010, and adds multiple users to that mailbox by using the 'Mannage Full Access Permission...' option of Exchange 2010.

So the shared mailboxes are automatically added to the persons outlook. enter image description here

So in my account settings there is no extra mailbox: enter image description here

Now searching in the shared mailbox (in my example the LicenseManager mailbox) is impossible.

Looking at the locations to search in outlook 2010: enter image description here

Also looking at the indexing option, there is no way to locate the shared mailbox. How can i get this to work? I'm having full access to a mailbox, but know way to search in that mailbox.

This is so very frustrating

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Is this the same problem? I'm not familiar with shared mailboxes. – amiregelz Aug 8 '12 at 12:54

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