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Is there a way to reset Photoshop's file associations without having to reinstall? I had CS6 and CS5.5 installed side by side, and when I uninstalled CS5.5 it removed the file associations.

I tried searching around but everyone seems to have the opposite problem (wanting to remove Photoshop's file associations).

Oh, and just doing Open With > Photoshop and setting that as default doesn't really work right. It displays the wrong icons (which really gets on my nerves).

I am running Windows 8 RP, but the fix should be the same as in Windows 7.

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Re-installing is the proper way to re-associate both the filetypes and their icons. – jsejcksn Jan 15 '15 at 9:42

Open Adobe Bridge and go to Edit | Preferences navigate to File Types Associations and use the Reset to Defautl Associations.

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