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I need to be able to do a periodic sync of content off my Windows 7 x64 laptop to my offsite CentOS 6 webserver.

Is there a tool/mode like rysnc for WinSCP or similar?

For a variety or reasons, Dropbox is not an option here.

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Use Synchronize (Ctrl-S):

menu option to synhronize

The prompts afterwards walk you through what you need to do.

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But does it really use something like rsync to reduce communications traffic? – Jason S Jul 21 at 21:27
@JasonS - don't know how it works under the hood. – warren Jul 21 at 21:41

There is cwRsync which I use for backing up data from Windows PCs to Linux servers.

Older versions are available without fee

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As per @warren's answer, WinSCP can synchronize files.

If you want to do it periodically, you need to script it (WinSCP supports scripting) and schedule the script using Windows Scheduler.

For details refer to:

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The Sync-Option didn't fit my needs. cwRsync also didn't work for me, gave me an Error on Win7 x64.

I used cygwin's rsync (in a Cygwin-Shell) which worked fine.

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