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I have multiple macs, and some software updates are >1GB in size (e.g. iMovies). I have downloaded the standalone updater so that I can apply it across multiple machines, but when I attempt the installation it says that the software was purchased through the app store, and must be thus updated through the app store - this means that I have to download it 3 times for my 3 machines. This is not practical in countries with slow internet connections.

I am desperate to find a solution to this please.


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There are two different solutions:

  1. The easiest thing to do, instead of updating big apps in Software Update, go to and download the .pkg for the update in there. You can then save it to a flash drive and install it easily.

  2. If you have a home OS X server of some sort, you can create a Software Update Sever. The SU Server downloads the update once and then the other machines download it from the server, instead of the Internet. The updates go a lot quicker that way.

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Does this also work with updates distributed exclusively from the App Store? It seems the user already tried what you recommend in step 1. – Daniel Beck Aug 9 '12 at 14:14

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