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Is there any way I can run WhatsApp on Fedora? There are Android emulators like BlueStackApps for Windows and Mac, but I haven't found one for Fedora or Ubuntu.

Is there any such that will allow me to run Android application like WhatsApp on Fedora ?

Note: I am looking for answers other than recommending android emulator that is part of the SDk

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This web service lets you use whatsapp in any browser. ;) http://whatsapp.filshmedia.net/

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You can run things through the Android emulator, part of the Android SDK (software development kit).

This provides a virtual device which does allow you to run quite a lot of Android applications though it may struggle with some of the more hardware-dependent things (3D, Phone calls, GPS, SMS, etc)

Here's a guide on getting it set up:


A detailed SDK install guide can be found here:


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can it be other than android emulator part of SDK. I guess that emulator is not abstracted for this. –  Suhail Gupta Aug 9 '12 at 14:16

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