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I am a student learning Java and I want to compile and run some simple Java on ST2. Also Eclipse is very slow on my laptop.

Here is my JavaC.sublime-build file so far:

    "cmd": ["sublimejavaexec.bat", "$file"],
    "file_regex": "^(...*?):([0-9]*):?([0-9]*)",
    "selector": ""

So far it can run code that does not require user input. However when I have something that uses the Java input scanner it either skips through or generates an error.

Can anyone suggest a solution such as a plug-in or if ST2 actually has this kind of feature on its console?


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just create a javacr bash/bat with something like

javac $
java $1

and inside your JavaC.sublime-build:

  "file_regex": "^(...?):([0-9]):?([0-9]*)", 
  "selector": "" 
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