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I got an MSI laptop (MS-6891) and I have a weird problem with my wireless connection.
I don't know why, but I can't see and connect to wireless routers.

The funny thing is that the wireless "mode" is on. I mean, the green light is working.

I tried installing new drivers but nothing is working.

The wireless works if I use a wireless USB stick.

What can I do to make sure this is not a software problem?

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  1. sometimes the wireless radio may be disabled by power management settings on your laptop.

    Go to the Power Options for your device and change the settings there so the wireless adapter won't be disabled by low battery triggers or power save profiles.

  2. Because a wireless USB is working and your wireless network adapter is not, I suggest to uninstall the driver for the internal adapter, go to MSI website and download the 'MSI Live update 5' utility. download and Run it and let it scan your hardware. It will show you any out of date and missing drivers and bios. If you uninstall, it will detect and offer it for download&install.

I have a MSI mobo and utilize this utility once a month just to check my versions. I always recommend getting drivers from the manufacturer (you may have, you didn't note it) as they are specific to the hardware you have from that manufacturer.

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i tried using the MSI Live update 5 but it say i dont need an update. mybee its a power problem like u said i have a problem with my bettry i can work only if the charger in connected to it. (the bettry is dead) thank u. –  samy Aug 10 '12 at 12:58
If you run live update without first uninstalling the driver, you may get that false positive. I know batteries aren't cheap but when you can get one, you may find that everything works the way intended. –  Carl B Aug 10 '12 at 14:30

What can I do to make sure this is not a software problem?

You can check the functionality of the WiFi adapter (or other hardware) in a different operating system. Probably most convenient is to use a Live OS from a bootable USB flash drive.

Linux is a suitable OS as it supports a lot of hardware. For the USB flash creation with a wide choice of Linux distributions you can use UNetbootin. Practical Linux distribution for this use could be Ubuntu as it is easy to use, is frequently updated and has a wide user base.

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