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I am getting Invalid Drive Specification when using xcopy to copy a sharepoint site to a backup location. I am executing the command via cmd window from the sharepoint server itself. I have tried it from another server exactly via cmd line and it works fine. If I execute the command via cmd line on the sharepoint server I get the error. I have WebDav installed on both servers and Webclient service running. I can map a drive from the sharepoint server to the url via explorer and can access the url via "start / run" I don't understand why I cant xcopy from it here. I can from another similarly configured server.

Results from sharepoint server

xcopy \expresso.web.malakie.com\DAVWWWRoot\sites\projectserver_1215\ c:\Karen\ Invalid drive specification

0 File(s) copied

Results from other server

xcopy \expresso.web.malakie.com\DAVWWWRoot\sites\projectserver_1215\default.aspx c:\Karen\

\expresso.web.malakie.com\DAVWWWRoot\sites\projectserver_1215\default.aspx 1 File(s) copied

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The results from the other server should not have default.aspx on it. That was a previous test. It should just be "xcopy \expresso.web.malakie.com\DAVWWWRoot\sites\projectserver_1215\ c:\Karen\ \expresso.web.malakie.com\DAVWWWRoot\sites\projectserver_1215\ 1 File(s) copied –  Karen Grider Aug 9 '12 at 23:05

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