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In my excel 2010 worksheet, I have entered a formula =+H8+N8*AA7 where AA7 is a permanent number where as H20 & N20 will change.

But if I copy this formula to the below row, it pastes as =+H8+N8*AA9, the next row =+H8+N8*AA11 and then again to =+H8+N8*AA13 etc.

In this formula, I always need to multiply the H & N column by AA7. But AA7 keeps on changing. Please give the reason & a solution.


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Use the $ sign to force the cell reference (AKA absolute cell reference).

If want to keep both cell and column type $AA$7 (regardless of where you drag the formula too).

EG =+H8+N8*$AA$7

You may also need to use the Indirect keyword.

Further examples of the absolute cell reference.

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You also have the option of naming the cell.

The box where the AA7 is written when you select the field is editable. So you can give it a context-friendly name, and use that in your calculations.

IE. name the field "interest" and use =H8+N8*interest

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Can you explain how to name the field please? – Dave Aug 10 '12 at 11:57
See 1-2-3 steps here: just select the field, type the name + enter, and use your new label everywhere. To move a label to another field, you must cut and paste the label-field to its new position. – Thomas Aug 10 '12 at 12:21

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