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Someone I know went into the Large Emails "folder" and cleared it out thinking that those were just duplicates. She didn't realize that she was actually deleting the emails from her many folders.

Now, all the emails are in her Deleted Items folder. Since they came from several different folders, reorganizing them back to those folders is going to be a major task.

Is there any way in Outlook 2010 to select all the emails at once and tell it to move them back to the folders they were orginally in? This in a stand-alone environement (no Exchange Server).

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Your subject was ignored. You will have to edit your question to emphasize that you do not need to recover items. I would put it on the first line. When you do that there will be no more answers. –  niton Aug 10 '12 at 22:46

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Click on Folder tab, and under the Clean Up section, click on Recover Deleted Items. There is also a select all option.

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