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VNC provides a way for a regular user to start a server on a host, then use the corresponding client to connect to the VNC server from another host. I'm looking for a server/client pair that works in a similar way, but only provides simple terminal access rather than access to an X display. This would be similar to telnet or ssh, but the daemon is started by a normal user. Do you know of anything like this? I could write my own, but maybe there's something good out there already.

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You mention ssh. Is there a reason why ssh won't work for you? – allquixotic Aug 10 '12 at 13:44
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See this ServerFault question to run OpenSSH daemon as a regular user. This will allow a regular user to start their own SSH daemon on their own port with their own configuration file.

Similar to ssh but the daemon is started by a normal user

---> How about identical to ssh but the daemon is started by a normal user? Will that work?

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