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Windows XP Pro, IE 8, Firefox 14.0.1

I have the stack above. I can't watch YouTube in Firefox, because Firefox doesn't have the Flash plugin and I don't have admin rights to install it. However, I do have Flash on my system as IE 8 runs YouTube just fine.

Is there a way I can tell Firefox where to find Flash on my system?

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Firefox and IE use two different plugin architectures: Firefox uses NPAPI while IE uses ActiveX. These two are not compatible with each other, so it's impossible for Firefox to use an IE plugin.

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If you don't have rights to run the Flash installation program to hook up flashy web pages in the 'fox. Luckily, when you're on a computer that already has Flash installed, you can enjoy Flash on the go with a simple trick that enables Flash in Firefox.

Copy these two files: flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll from the default install directory usually


Paste them in the following folder in your installation of Firefox


Restart Firefox and check out a page with Flash content on it.

Hope it helps.

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The user does not have the ability to get flashplayer.xpt installed on his computer. – Ramhound Aug 10 '12 at 19:40

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