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Can I use a USB to LAN adapter to make a Twisted Pair Cable Connection between tow PCs?

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"USB to LAN adapter" is a rather vague term. A LAN could use one of many network technologies. Note that the phrase "USB LAN" (as used in your title) could mean something different than using Ethernet adapters, e.g. LAN over USB.

If you are referring to USB-to-Ethernet adapters and UTP or Cat 5/5e cables, then "yes", you could construct an ad hoc network. If you use at least one high-quality USB-to-Ethernet adapter that supports auto MDI/MDI-X (aka "universal cable recognition"), then you can use an ordinary straight-through patch cable. Otherwise you will need to use a crossover cable.

Note that the "B" in "USB" stand for "bus". USB is a control and data bus just like PCI and PCI-Express. A USB-to-Ethernet adapter should behave exactly like a PCI NIC or a NIC integrated into the motherboard. The OS will conceal to the user the bus that the network interface is using. Linux will assign a USB-to-Ethernet adapter an ethN device name just like any other NIC.

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You need an ethernet crossover cable. If your PC doesn't have an ethernet port, use a usb network adapter and plug the crossover cable in to directly connect the two pc's without a hub/switch.

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