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As you can see in the screenshot, the shortcut doesn't work, but the full path does. How can I fix it?

Enter image description here

I am logged-in as a normal user then su to root, since direct root is disabled BTW.

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There are several ways to achieve what you want. I think you want the first of these.

Su -

When you su to root, specify that you want root's environment by adding "-" to the command.

su -

Root's path includes /usr/local/sbin on many Linux distributions.


If you add /usr/local/sbin to your PATH environment variable, then you can use the short form of the name. You can do this

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/sbin

The syntax depends on what shell you are using (the above should work for bash). If you want this to be a permanent change, add this command to your .bashrc or equivalent file in your home directory. Do not change root's .bashrc


Alternatively, create an alias.

alias maldet=/usr/local/sbin/maldet
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I was using plain su the whole time, su - worked. Thanks. – IMB Aug 11 '12 at 9:22

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