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I have these files:

  • video.mkv (with no sound)
  • audio_en.mp3
  • audio_ru.mp3
  • audio_pl.mp3

And I want to simultaneously play video.mkv and audio_en.mp3 and simultaneously seek in those files (move forward and backward) while playing.

Even better would be playing and seeking at the same time in multiple audio files.

  • video.mkv
  • audio_env.mp3
  • audio_music.mp3
  • audio_spek.mp3
  • audio_translation.mp3

The reason I want to do this is obvious, large files and many different audio tracks. That's why I don't want to concatenate vid and audio1, vid and audio2...

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It's also possible with VLC:… – Oliver Salzburg Sep 7 '12 at 17:08
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Cinelerra or other software for video, audio manipulation can play from multiple sources. So it can seek (play) in multiple sources.

Mplayer can also play from separate sources. Which is basically what I was looking for:

mplayer video.mkv -audio audio_en.mp3
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I think the option nowadays is -audiofile. – Svalorzen Nov 16 '14 at 13:28

My apologies, but I do not know the rules for copy-pasting an answer elsewhere.

For a solution, using VLC, to choose a new audio track, see:
A complete tutorial with screenshots can be found at

This solution does not make permanent changes.

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"My apologies, but I do not know the rules for copy-pasting an answer elsewhere." The rules are don't do it. Flag the question as a duplicate if the answer is elsewhere on Super User. Otherwise use proper attribution. Please read How to reference material written by others – DavidPostill May 15 at 16:53

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