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I have working windows 7 32 bit OS in drive C and windows xp in drive D. But I am not getting the option to select xp in boot menu. Boot menu shows two options Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 7. Though I have deleted Windows 8 from drive D, but it shows in the boot menu. Now I have windows xp in drive D. I have tried using EasyBCD but it doesn't detect Windows XP. One more thing, when I installed xp in drive D, I was only able to use XP not 7, that's why I used EasyBCD to get & back. When I got 7 back, I can't find xp, please help.

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try to check allthe options of System Configuaration in Adminidtritive tools of control panel. – Deb Aug 11 '12 at 13:08

Try bcedit. Make sure you running command prompt with administrative privilage, For more help on bcedit see

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That didn't help, I can't find any useful command for BCDEdit. – Shanks Aug 11 '12 at 14:43

In that case I would recommend super grub. download it from burn it to a disk and boot from it. menu is pretty self explanatory, there is a repair option also. Or The lengthy procedure is to reinstall windows Xp in D: then repair windows 7

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Dual-boot Repair tool can help.

One-click solution - "Automatic Repair" which places latest Windows version in control of the booting (Windows 7 in this case) and fixes Windows XP boot files if necessary.

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