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Simply put, can anyone tell me what the following line precisely means?


It's from my Windows XP Installation CD. I googled EULA IDs and I found quite a few other types, but not this particular ID. I gather PRO_OEM_EN means its Windows XP Professional OEM Edition (English), and I know it's a Windows XP CD. I've seen WX.4 but I have not seen WX.2. I'm not sure what this line precisely means. I don't think it's a Windows XP SP1 or SP2 CD. I think it's the original Windows XP CD; the copyright is 2001/2002.

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According to this forum, The WX.2 means OEM or evaluation, while WX.4 could be retail edition.


OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer
EVAL = Evaluation Copy 
RTL = Retail
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