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I've got a MacBook pro. It's got Win7 installed (from scratch...I blew away stupid Mac OS).

Now I'm installing Win 8 preview, got the boot disk (iso). I run it but Windows 8 says that windows (existing Win7) needs to be repaired.

So I just want to wipe the hard drive completely. Not really a low-level 1s and 0s, but just delete partitions. I do not have the win 7 CD with me. So is there a FREE quality bootable program that will allow me to see the current hard drive and erase everything on it? I could write the bootable program to USB or CD, boot, erase, then reboot using the Win 8 preview iso and all will be fine. Just gotta get there and first erase this disk.

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You can use Ultimate Boot CD to boot and completly erase your hard drive:

Ultimate Boot CD v5.1.1 download page

P2P torrent file for Ultimate Boot CD v5.1.1

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Instead of using a 3rd party disk, just use the windows disk itself (or whatever you are using to install windows 8)

Run the following command (assuming drive C here):

format C: /FS:NTFS /Q /X

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