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My system is Gentoo Gnome3, all up to date. After my phone has paired with my computer, I can send files to my phone, I can also browse the files on my phone. But I cannot use my phone to send a file to my computer. Also, in the bluetooth manager, I cannot find the receive file option.

I think I may missed something when compile Gnome3 or Bluetooth related utilities. But I cannot find out which one I have missed. I tried a lot of USE keywords and packages...none works.

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Not sure if you found or are still looking for an answer - on my Fedora system you need the gnome-user-share package. The dialog it provides is this little number:

enter image description here

Which lets you set up your sharing preferences. This utility can also be used to set up other gnome sharing options.

You'll then notice the files appear - a notification icon can appear.

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