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I have a few SSH boxes running on an ESXi Host, of which I would like to access from outside my normal home network.

Rather than port forwarding and pointing to all sorts of different VM's, is there any way to access them from a central location?

I was thinking of setting up a super-thin BSD guest with nothing but SSH, and remote to that. Then using the "ssh" command, connect from within my network, resolving internal hostnames without reinitialising a new connection to my client box in the big mean outside world.

The other was creating a VPN (of which I have done, albeit with troubles, via OpenVPN) and doing it that way, but I think the VPN for quick SSH seems a bit bloated, and sometimes I like to SSH with my droid on the go of which I dont want to fiddle with OpenVPM apps.


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Install netcat and sshd on a single machine that has been port-forwarded to, and then use ProxyCommand on the client to create a tunnel through that machine to each of the others.

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So basically, this will redirect ports from one machine to another? If I forward, say, port x to the "hub", and use nc to cross between the port on the "hub", to the "node" over a standard port 22 SSH, I should then use this port x as the pathway for the new Putty connection? – Daniel Park Aug 13 '12 at 10:18

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