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I'm looking for a way to uncheck the selected check box/radio button/toggle button using the keyboard in Windows 7, preferably in XP and Vista as well. I know you can use the Space bar to toggle the state of the currently selected button, but is there a way to set a control to ticked or unticked without risk of toggling it if is is already in the desired state?

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If they are in the desired state, why would you want to tick/untick? – Terry Aug 13 '12 at 8:02
djerry certainly has a point. However, I don't believe there is a way to specifically "uncheck" (or "check") a checkbox/radio button regardless of its current state, unless the software provides this functionality (eg. a "select all" option perhaps) – w3dk Aug 13 '12 at 8:36
@djerry, I think what LodSfo is looking for is a way to ensure that the control is set to the desired state. Where spacebar always toggles, is there a way to initiate a "check" or "uncheck" command directly? I just submitted an edit to that effect to clarify it. – Nick Aug 16 '12 at 18:03

Use the Tab key or the mouse to select the check box and then press space bar key

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This worked in Windows 7. – Napolean Jun 20 '15 at 7:32
Bonus: hold shift and press tab, you can select the previous check box. – RogUE Aug 13 '15 at 12:46
-1, has nothing to do with the question. LodSfo already nows pressing space, so he will now how to reach it. – relascope Mar 10 at 23:44

To check/uncheck a checkbox (tested in Windows 7):

+ to check
- to clear

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Doesn't work for me on Google Chrome, version 43.0.2357.130 on Windows 7. – mabho Jul 12 '15 at 23:29
not working on Windows XP, tested inside Virtualbox, using a notebook (also tested with activated numpad emulation) – relascope Mar 10 at 23:48

There is no way to control this for sure.

There are underlying controls that have default behaviors in Windows forms. Factors such as if these controls are a part of a control group will also have an affect on the outcome.

Also, there is no way to know how a developer handles certain events based on control selection and changes.

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