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How can I select a different translation service in Opera? When you select a portion of text and right-click it you have the option to translate the text. This defaults to using the Bing service but I want to use Google Translate. Is it possible to switch to Google Translate and how do I do that?

I have Opera 12.

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Would also be nice to actually have options on the menu items, and not just the predefined choices. – Gnoupi Aug 13 '12 at 9:21
@Emil Vikström: You should accept nixda's answer, because that's the working solution. – Sk8erPeter May 20 '13 at 13:00
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There are 2 options for you:

  1. Use an addon like Xtranslate
    It lets you choose between Google and Bing translation service and translates selected text instantly

  2. Modify the Opera context menu and add a "translate" option

    • Duplicate your standard_menu.ini and copy it over to ..\opera\profile\menu
    • Delete all sections except the header lines, [Version], [Info] and [Translate menu]
    • Replace or add to your [Translate menu] section these lines

      [Translate menu]
      Item, Google | "translate into german" = Copy & Go to page, "|de|%c"
      Item, Google | "translate into english" = Copy & Go to page, "|en|%c"

    These are two only examples. You can modify it to your own desired language.

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+1: that's correct! And if you want to open the translation on a new tab, you should just change Copy & Go to page to Copy & New Page & Go to page. – Sk8erPeter May 20 '13 at 12:58

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